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WAVIoT is an innovation company that develops the NB-Fi wireless technology for the Internet of Things, the NB-Fi transceiver with exceptionally high sensitivity for the IoT and M2M communications, NB-Fi devices and WAVIoT IoT platform that allow rolling out the IoT network for various types of business applications.

We see our positioning and business approach as a provider of turn-key solutions to our clients. We feel that our client at the end of the day truly needs end-user devices and turn-key solutions available off the shelf, such as LPWAN-integrated smart water and electricity meters, which work in any part of the world and do not require any additional integration.

WAVIoT was founded in 2016, and as of today the company enjoys its full-fledged in-house R&D and production competence which spreads from the physical layer to the telecommunication back and front-end, and, what is even more important, to the integrated ‘plug&play’ end-user devices.

In 2020, WAVIoT presented a new NB-Fi Transceiver for IoT devices, that enables developers of IoT devices to use all advantages of the NB-Fi technology simultaneously: long-range bidirectional data transmission, high selectivity and low power consumption. Together with WAVIoT base stations, the NB-Fi Transceiver allows achieving one of the best link budgets among other IoT solutions. The NB-Fi communications protocol and the WAVIoT system protect the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data with strong encryption algorithms.