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Head of COALCO GC Vasily Anisimov took part in the meeting of RF State Council with regard to development questions

Today, on May 17, 2016, the meeting of RF State Council on development questions took place in Kremlin.


RF President Vladimir Putin conducted the meeting of the State Council which focused on the questions of construction complex development and improvement of urban planning activity. The meeting was attended by Vasily Anisimov, Head of COALCO Group of Companies.

Speaking on the agenda, Vladimir Putin noted the relevance and social importance of the discussed topic, as well as a high potential of the construction industry which, in the opinion of the country's President, should become one of the key drivers in the Russian economy growth.

- This is one of the most dynamic and promising market segments which occupies almost 6% of the country's GDP. 84.2 mln. square meters were put into operation in 2014, and last year this figure rose to 85 mln. square meters, with a 20% increase in the economy class housing. However, the need of people to improve living conditions remains still high, and this demand may only be satisfied using reliable market mechanisms, including mortgage crediting, said Vladimir Putin.

The country's President pointed to the importance of looking for new mechanisms of attracting financial resources to mortgage, improvement of the systems of technical regulation which is considerably behind current requirements, and also emphasized the necessity to reduce administrative barriers in the part of decreasing the number of different licensing procedures and agreement terms.

Following the meeting of the State Council, a number of proposals was formed to develop the construction complex in RF. They focus on the realization of investment projects, application of new technologies, harmonization of laws in the construction sphere, application of the mechanisms of public and private partnership, additional measures for successful realization of projects as part of the program "Housing for Russian Families", development of social and transport infrastructure. Head of COALCO GC Vasily Anisimov took part in the meeting of RF State Council with regard to development questions