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Tsarskaya Square

Tsarskaya Square

Leningradsky Avenue, 31
288,464 м2
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General information
Multi-functional business class residential complex

The name of the multi-functional business class residential complex built by COALCO, Tsarskaya Square, reflects the special status and way of life created here using the example of the world's best projects: noble style, thought-out landscape, modern architectural lighting of the complex.

The project involves construction of 4 buildings with the different number of floors. All the buildings will be united into one whole by the underground levels where an underground parking will be located. The complex will include flats and apartments with the area from 30.4 to 113.5 sq.m.

The following will be realized in Tsarskaya Square complex: residential real estate – flats and apartments, as well as all the infrastructure required for comfortable life, such as a kindergarten, a fitness center and trade areas. The territory of the complex will be fenced and improved, and it will be equipped with children's play complexes and sports grounds, pedestrian alleys, rest zones, lawns and flowerbeds.

Begovoy area in the Northern Administrative District, where Tsarskaya Square is located, is distinguished by good accessibility by transport and makes it possible to easily reach any point of the city center. The complex is located within 5-minute walking distance from Dinamo metro station, just 15 minutes' walk from Byelorussian station from which you can get to Sheremetyevo airport within half an hour. Leningradsky Avenue, located near the complex, leads to popular country destinations, Pyatnitskoe, Volokolamskoe and Novorizhskoe.

The neighborhood of the complex includes Dinamo sports park which is a part of VTB Arena Park reconstruction and complex development project, Ray Just Arena concert hall, Academy of Sports,  Petrovsky Park.

The architectural image of Tsarskaya Square complex represents a subtly reconsidered style of London's leading projects: clear lines of the facade elements shaded by the noble warmth of natural stone, massive entrance groups and spacious lobbies with a fireplace zone.

The architectural composition is dominated by the architectural monument, the well-known Tsar Pavilion built in 1882 for the opening of the All-Russian Arts and Industries Exhibition, and where the Emperor Alexander III stayed with his family in September of the same year.  An extensive recreation zone will be organized around the Tsar Pavilion: a skating rink in winter and a comfortable park in summer, created in the spirit of the latest design tendencies, where anybody can have a good time.

The windows of Tsarskaya Square residential complex overlook the wonderful landscape of the internal yard, Tsar Pavilion and the park. On the opposite side of the residential part of the complex, you will see the quickly changing and lively Leningradsky Avenue, Hyatt Regency Moscow, Petrovsky Park hotel, as well as Botkinsky Boulevard.

Tsarskaya Square